CARES Outputs

Augmented Reality (AR) App

The CARES AR app will be an interactive app where a maximum of 36 current and future STEMM jobs will be featured, including potential earnings, responsibilities and qualifications needed. The app will include a career quiz, which plays a vital role in career exploration and pathways. The quiz will consist of multiple-choice questions, and based on the answers, the system will recommend career matches to the user. Based on the answers, the user will learn the work styles that suit them most, including analytical, creative, practical, helping (medical) or administrative. 

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The content of the CARES app is also available in a downloadable format, including the AR markers beside each job. This STEMM Careers Guide is designed to equip students for the future by providing insights into STEMM graduate occupations, career recommendations, and current industry developments. It depicts Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine professions and emerging trends in the field. 

e-Platform and Teacher Forum

The website has a community forum page to encourage discussion among teachers, students and other stakeholders regarding the project topics. The forum also improves communication and increases collaboration to keep our stakeholders engaged and bring new ideas to fruition.


The partners carried out research among students aged 13 – 18 to find out about their knowledge regarding STEM careers and the qualifications and skills needed to enter them. The survey also sought to find out whether students are informed about apprenticeship opportunities and identify gaps in the support provided regarding career choices. The results of the survey can be downloaded below:


The teacher survey was carried out research among STEM and English teachers to collect information about the challenges of teaching during COVID-19, current teaching methodologies, implementation of CLIL methods, competencies in cybersecurity and digital assessment, digital skills, best practices in English education and any continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities. The results of the survey can be downloaded below:


The STEM Skills Gap report aimed to highlight:

  • The current situation regarding Science Technology, Engineering Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM) education across Europe,
  • The STEM skills gaps and gender imbalances within the sector.

​The partners researched the extent of the STEM skills gap in each partner country to develop a comprehensive report, which can help policymakers and educators develop targeted strategies and interventions to address the issue. By understanding the specific skills that are lacking in each country, curricula reforms could be carried out, and training programmes can be designed to ensure that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to meet the demands of the labour market, and teachers are also engaged in continuous professional development courses (CPD) to support their ongoing learning and growth as professionals, and to improve student learning outcomes ultimately. 

​Additionally,  this report can help the CARES project to raise further awareness about the STEM skills gap issues among stakeholders, including educators, students, European umbrella bodies and policymakers, It can encourage them to build momentum for change and collaboration between different sectors to address the issue.

​The report also aims to promote the importance of STEM education and careers among students and their parents by providing information on the benefits of pursuing STEM careers. This way, students can be encouraged to consider STEM and equip them with the information they need to make informed career choices.


This report analyses STEMM career advice in the partner countries (UK, Turkey, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria), highlighting the different approaches taken and the impact of these initiatives regarding career guidance. The report also identifies the challenges these countries face in promoting STEMM careers and provides recommendations for improving STEMM career advice across Europe. The report can be downloaded below:


This report analyses the STEMM curriculum in partner countries with a focus on the approaches, practices, and challenges each country faces in promoting STEMM education. The report also explores the effectiveness of these initiatives in preparing students for the demands of the 21st-century workforce and the extent to which they align with the current trends and best practices in STEMM education. Through this analysis, the report aims to provide insights and recommendations for policymakers, educators, and stakeholders on ways to enhance STEMM education in Europe and better prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. The report can be downloaded below: